Buyers from 9 states bought the 69 head at an average price of $2820.15
High sellers

$5000 Trails West Supreme Legacy  To: Jordyn Kamps, Belmont, WI  Consignor: Calvin Nisly, KS
$4900 Cozy Nook Manchester Petunia To: Elite Dairy, Copake, NY Consignor: Tom & Joan Oberhaus, WI
$4600 Blessing Mort Osborn Porsha To: Iris Brook Swiss, NY  Consignor: Blessing, Mort, Osborn, IN
$4500 Cutting Edge T Rita ET To: Ryan Olson & Nick Uglow, WI Consignor: Elite Dairy, NY
$4400 Sister Swiss Trump Nene To: Jacob Roedl, Edgewood, IL Consignor: Sister Swiss, WI
$4000 IE Double W AC Roxx To: Elite Dairy, NY Consignor: Double W Dairy, CO
$3900 CIE Double W D Lady To: Richard Lauck, Salem, SD Consignor: Double W Dairy, CO

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