Protein Plus Sale – In The Books

Lancaster, WI:  31 buyers from 6 states purchased 63 head for an average of $1890.87. Top cow was Lot 1 Mat Mitzis Mandi a 2yr Faust at $3200 consigned by Myron Turk, Brooklyn, WI going to Rick Kruse, Earlville, IA. The 2nd high was Lot 76 Blessing Tressel Lacey. This Jr 2y was the selection of Jordyn Kamps, Belmont, WI. She was consigned by Jason Steinlage and Jason Volker, Maynard, IA.

31 cows ave. $2,004 – 19 bred heifers ave. $2051 – 13 open heifers ave. $1386.54

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